BigBelly Solar Powered Trash Compactors in Philly

BigBelly Solar Trash Compactor

Photo by specialkrb.

I got a chance to walk around Philadelphia, PA a few weekends ago and to my surprise I saw a high-tech trash can that I had to check out.  It turns out that it was a solar powered trash compactor that was introduced to the city just this past April.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera to take a picture, but the picture to the left is what it looked like.

Major cities all across the country are beginning to use the BigBelly solar trash compactors to eliminate the problem of overflowing trash.  I think these compactors are a great addition to any urban population where trash is overflowing requiring workers to constantly being replace trash bags.  I applaud Philly for using these compactors along with other cities across America who have already adopted them.  Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston are just a few of these cities.  I haven’t seen any in Baltimore yet, but it’s great news to hear that they do have some.

The BigBelly trash compactor may not solve all the problems that are happening in our cities, but it at least is helping to ease the trash situation that many have.  This device could be the beginning to more advanced technologies to further help cities with their trash problems and do so while using a renewable energy like solar.

Share you thoughts on these solar trash compactors and if you have seen one in your local area.

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  1. Great product!!!
    Check out the youtube channel:

    And follow on twitter:

  2. That’s great! Not only will there be fewer overstuffed trash cans around, but the cost and emissions of the garbage trucks will be reduced, too :-)

  3. Hi. I was a little confused when I looked at your website URL – “Payst Olive Green”? – well, no problem, I figured its no worse than ours – “Green Ho Me Me Gas Tore” (the real name is Keep up the good work!

    Jimmy Craig
    Sue & Craig Websites

  4. I am so happy to hear about this. I live in a very small town so I’ll probably never see any solar powered trash compactors where I live. But it’s great to see the big cities being so proactive about this.

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