Cloth Diapers are back! Why Celebrities are Choosing Cloth

Why would a modern mom or dad chose cloth diapers over the convenience of disposables?  Well, cloth diapers are are certainly not the cloth diapers that our mother’s used (that is sooo yesterday) and now come in a variety of cute styles, materials and covers.  But besides making a fashion statement, why are more celebrities choosing cloth than ever before?

They’re easy!

With so many great cloth options available, including all-in-one (diapers with a soft inner liner plus an waterproof outer liner) and one-size-fits-all styles, modern cloth diapers are as easy to put on and take off as disposables.

They’re great on baby’s skin!

Cloth diapers are made of soft cotton and other natural fibers that are gentle to a baby’s skin and can even reduce the risk of diaper rash (yay, no more red tushies!)

They’re green!

Can you believe that just one child can go through over 6,000 disposable diapers in their first three years, producing up to 2 tons of waste?  Cloth diapers can be used over and over again as they can be washed at home and even passed on to a new sibling or friend (now that’s recycling!)  With more celebrities going green, it is no wonder many are choosing to go this route.
They’re great on your budget!

Did you know that the average cost of disposable diapers is around $2400 per child?  In contrast, a complete supply of cloth diapers can cost as little as $500.00.  While cost of diapers is of little concern to the average celebrity, cloth diapers can sure help us regular folk save a few dollars (think of what you can do with all that extra money in your household budget!)

So, who is using cloth?  Word has it that big names like Brooke Shields, Gweneth Paltrow, Tori Spelling and Maggie Gyllenhaal have all used cloth, just to name a few!
Actress Brooke Shields with her two daughters.

Brooke Shields

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  1. Celebrities don’t have much excuse to not use cloth diapers. It’s not as if it would actually be them washing the diapers. They might as well use cloth and get their maid to clean them.

  2. Thank you for sharing! Just to add, washing isn’t like mom did it either. Modern cloth diapers go in the washer (no soaking required), dryer, then back on baby. It is as simple as washing baby’s clothes!

    If parents are concerned about the task of washing, try a reusable diaper service and still save $500-$1000!

      • Sarah
      • October 27th, 2010

      Thanks for the great info, Corry!

  3. Looks like clothe diapers are the way to go! Yes, I am dreaming of what I can do with all that extra money in my household budget!

  4. I am a little skeptical about cloth diapers. On principal they should be environmentally friendlier than disposable diapers, but you would have to factor in the energy required to wash them. I’m sure people would not want to include used diapers in their regular laundry load. It would be great to see a comparison of the two that takes the washing energy into consideration.

  5. Yeah cloth diapers aren’t that bad at all, I do know my parents used them, and when I was a kid I also remember other relatives using them as well. Was quite common back then.


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