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Determining which web hosting service to host your site on can be a daunting task, let alone finding one that is environmentally friendly and a great value. There are many web hosting companies marketing how they are the most “greenest” web hosting service on the market. It can often be difficult to find out how exactly they are providing a green web hosting service whether it be through carbon neutral servers or environmentally friendly business practices. To make this process easier, I compiled a list of all the major green web hosting companies and what they have done to make the claim that they are in fact “green”. Also provided are other factors including price that can be used to determine which web hosting service meets your needs.

Direct Renewable Energy Hosting Companies

Carbon Reducing Hosting Companies

Carbon Neutral Hosting Companies

International Hosting Companies

My preferred Green Web Hosting company is Greek Geeks Web Hosting
Green Geeks

After compiling much of the information about all of the web hosting companies, I was able to break the companies into two distinct categories based off of how they are :

  • Direct Renewable Energy Powered: I consider these web hosting companies to be the real deal. They have renewable energy on site and are sure that their data servers are not causing an impact on the environment.
  • Carbon-Neutral: These companies still want to lower their impact on the environment by either purchasing RECs or Renewable Energy Credits or planting trees. RECs do provide an easy way to show that you purhcased renewable energy, but buying their purchase does not always guarantee that the true amount of renewable energy was generated.
  • Grid Contributors: Think of these companies as similar to the carbon-neutral companies, but take it one step further. They purchase RECs or plant trees in excess of their current energy use to contribute renewable energy into the power grid.

In no way does making this separation discount the efforts the businesses in the later groups are taking to lower their impact on the environment. Companies in all categories go beyond just making their servers more environmentally friendly by conserving energy use throughout their entire business, using recycled products as well as becoming involved in the local community.

I am also including other fields that can help you decide which web hosting service will best suit your website:

  • Price: This is the lowest price available by the particular hosting company. Most companies have a wide array of other pricing options depending on the size of a website.
  • Free Domains: It’s often desirable to have a free domain name provided when purchasing a hosting plan, whether it be just for a year or for the life of the account.
  • Bandwidth: The amount of data transferred to or from a website or server within a prescribed period of time. This could be an important number depending on the amount of trafifc a site receives.
  • Disk Space: The total amount of physical disc space you can use on their servers.
  • Databases: How many databases instances you are allowed to operate. This can be dependent on how many websites are run and how many databases a particular website may be using.
  • Power Source: A major factor in determining how “green” the web hosting company is.
  • Uptime: The reliability and stability of the web servers. This can be a huge determining factor in choosing a hosting company so that you website is available at most times.

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  1. This information is very helpful. I would like to find a web hosting which concerns with human life. And since a web hosting needs energy, people should also think of the energy needed in the future.

  2. very great article is very helpful.

    • Bobby
    • June 14th, 2009

    You should also add GreenGeeks which is a very reputable green web hosting provider that’s powered by wind energy!

    • Pays to Live Green
    • June 15th, 2009

    Thanks Bobby for the recommendation. I actually already had them on my list. They are definitely a great up and coming hosting company.

  3. This is unbelievable. I’ve never heard of green hosting. I can’t believe that some companies are 100% solar. These are the types of steps we have to take to save this planet. Great post and very informative

  4. Patrick, I applaud your efforts here to try to expose businesses and individuals to green web hosting companies but I would like to make 2 recommendations. First is could you please have a carbon negative section for those of us who offset more than 100% of our emissions and second I don’t see the logos from the wind energy companies on alot of these so called green web hosts, wouldn’t you think they would want those up on their site to verify to consumers they are as eco friendly as they say they are? There is far too much green washing in our industry, let’s force those who say they are green to really be green.

    Thanks for your efforts and support of turning our industry green,
    Trey Gardner

  5. Nice article …it will help me to chose a good one.

    • erika
    • August 9th, 2010

    Great article, I do know that its helpful and insightful that there are web companies that can assist in helping us that are new to “Going Green” I will have to research some of these sights. I recently retrofitted my office, and found Motion Sensor Savings Calculator. This too might not be for everyone, but it helped me out alot and i was able to really save money in the long run!

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