Has Facebook Gone Green?


Phew! The heat WAS on Facebook for awhile after getting into a public debate with Greenpeace about utilizing coal-fired plants to power the social networking behemoth. In response (kind of), Facebook has launched several eco-friendly campaigns and efforts to combat their not-so-pretty energy sourcing.
Taking Control with a Green Page

Amidst the waves of information and mis-information, Facebook has created their own “Green” Page to assist in communicating their environmental efforts as well as providing global environmental news from a variety of sources. Treehugger, Greenbiz, and other mainstream environmental news sources’ articles are re-posted on their page. Thus far there are around 18,000 Fans or people who “like” the page. They highlight their programs including recycling and composting efforts (a reduction of 294 tons of CO2 emissions), reducing their water consumption by almost 60%, lighting updates that have saved enough energy to date to power 330 homes for a year, and their green transportation program that offers shared rides to their employees. They also tout some of their energy and techie-geek improvements including a new photo storage program that has uses 20% less energy than their former solution. Not too shabby.

Partners from Greener Pastures

They are also getting smart and teaming up with organizations who know quite a bit about eco-friendly living and solutions. Their partners include the Alliance to Save Energy and Digital Energy Solutions Campaign. The Alliance has launched a website titled “livingefficiently.org” for consumers to learn more about energy consumption and quick tips (of course it is nothing compared to the Pays to live Green’s blog ;)). These partnerships are helping Facebook gather the information they need for effective action in the eco-sphere along with increased credibility after being blasted by Greenpeace.

The Language of Eco-Geek

So being the techie-geeks they are, Facebook’s internal geniuses came up with a new language that cuts the number of servers needed in half. It’s name? HipHop…perhaps a bit comical when the stereotypical picture of a computer geek, but we like the “hip” connotation it has that things are progressing and moving forward. The good part other than for Facebook is that they are providing the language on the open sourcing networks to share the energy-savings (and of course who wouldn’t want to invent the next BIG computer language?).

Playing Nice

Well, Facebook may not have made any friends at Greenpeace recently, but they are taking their learnings to the streat and are working to share best practices with others in open platforms so companies and individuals alike can learn something from Facebook’s efforts.

So despite Facebook’s recent investment in a coal-friend power plant, they are getting a few of their green ducks in a row, persay, and moving in the right direction to help set an example for what is possible in the realm of online behemoths.

Photo Credits: Green Peace.

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  1. Sounds like they are making some good moves. It’s just a shame it took criticism from Greenpeace to get these initiatives rolling. The bigger companies definitely have to be role models for positive change.

  2. If Facebook can achieve a 100% green position, this should inspire other companies to follow suit. Energy costs will go down, and people won’t feel so bad about utilizes these services.

  3. Well as long as facebook is moving in the right direction, this is good to see! In the future I just know things will get better and better in terms of going green.


  4. Very true. Anytime a company grows that big, they take on the responsibility of managing their effect on the environment. Few companies used to care in the past but today, thanks to the awareness that exists among people, no company can get away with polluting too long.

  5. I just heard about an awesome new corporate social responsibility company called Invested Interests that does socially responsible investing and gives individuals the ability to screen their investments. So if you own any mutual fund you can see what percentage of your money is supporting companies that are harming the environment. They have an ad-based model so it’s all free.

  6. These days facebook is not really making any friends. With their new privacy policy, allegations of them selling user data to advertisers and now this!

    However, what is amazing is that despite the fact that people do protest over these things, no one really stops using facebook. It is addictive. I have tried to stop using facebook on a number of different occasions but have found my self crawling back

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