Reusing Glass Drinking Bottle

Glass Drinking Bottles
Photo by Oberazzi.

Having an environmentally friendly and safe drinking bottles doesn’t mean you have to go out an buy an expensive drinking bottle.  One alternative is to reuse a glass drinking bottle that you would normally recycle or throw out.  What better way to save a little extra money while going green.

Glass bottles are thought of as one of the safest options available for drinking bottles.  They are fairly easy to clean ( can be put into the dishwasher as well) and can be reused for a long time.  The bottles with wider mouths are easier to reuse, but almost all will work just fine.

My favorite part about reusing glass bottles is that you can get them for practically free.  The next time you have an extra glass bottle, and it doesn’t necessarily even have to originally have been a drinking bottle, clean it out and now you have your new drinking bottle.  I have seen some restaurants that use Ball preserving jars as our water cups. Instead of spending 20 some dollars on a bottle, you now have one for practically free.

There are some downsides to using glass as opposed to other popular forms of bottles like stainless steel.  One being that it’s breaks easily, which I am notorious for doing.  The other being that it’s not as lightweight so therefore not quite as portable as the other bottles.  For athletes in particular, it can be extremely difficult to carry around a glass bottle without the worry of it breaking.

For most situations, I would stick with reusing a glass drinking bottle to save money to get an extremely safe and effective bottle.

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  1. This is definitely the safest option for a reusable drinking bottle. Aluminum, not as safe as this, and likely not as sustainable as using glass either.

  2. You bring up some great points here. Glass drinking bottles are great for reusing, and they are a wise decision in this age of thinking green.

  3. Reusing bottles is a great idea. We try to recycle everything we can, but we also reuse bottles when possible. I am a little careless and just reuse plastic bottles as my water bottle, but I realize that is a habit that I should drop.

  4. This is a very good idea.. of course aluminum bottles are not very safe, Normally I buy decorative bottles with colored glass such as wine and vinegar bottles and then you can recycle them to create flower vases and candle holders. But cleaning them is little tricky.

  5. I think it’s a better idea of saving money and environment both and such ideas can only find on your site.

  6. I was a little disappointed to see that an adsense ad for plastic bottled water on this site, especially considering this topic.

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