Reynolds 100% Recycled Aluminum Foil

Reynolds Recycled Aluminum

To make our kitchens a little more “green” this Earth day, Reynolds Consumer Products introduced their 100% Recycled Aluminum Wrap.  It is essential that we recycling aluminum should be our top priority because of just how wasteful it is to produce virgin aluminum.  That’s why Reynolds deciding to unveil a new line of aluminum wraps made exclusively out of recycled materials is a great step for our environment.

Just because this aluminum foil is made from recycled materials, doesn’t mean that the quality has degraded any.  Reynolds has made this product just as strong and durable as their traditional foil.  I was fortune enough to try some of this foil and can attest to the fact that is has the same quality as its non-recycled counterpart.  To make this product even more environmentally friendly is that packaging is made from 100% recovered paper.

Normally when a company makes a more environmentally friendly version of their product by using recycled materials, there is usually a higher price tag to come along with it.  Reynolds made sure to keep the cost down and charge approximately the same price you would pay for a normal aluminum foil: $2.99 for 50 sq. ft. box.  Let’s hope that recycled aluminum becomes popular and will take over store shelves.  Also be sure to check out a $.50 coupon they are offering.

“Go Silver, Live Green”

Reynolds is also hosting a contest called Go Silver, Live Green to help make our lives more “green” by giving away a variety of prizes including eco-friendly kitchen appliances, Grocery Cash certificates, Reynolds Foil from 100% Recycled Aluminum and more.  You can enter once every week for a chance to win a variety of green gifts, including a $250 grocery gift certificate on a weekly basis.  The contest ends at midnight on May 29, 2009.  At that time, a grand prize winner will be selected that includes an energy efficient dishwasher and refrigerator as well as 6 months of free groceries.  Be sure to sign up for the contest as it is ending soon.

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  1. Can you just recycle aluminum by throwing it in the recycling bin? Or is there a special place you need to send it?

  2. It is rare when a company listens to their consumers. I applaud Reynolds for introducing this 100% recycled aluminum wrap. They are on the right track indeed.

    • Pays to Live Green
    • May 28th, 2009

    @Crystal: You can recycle aluminum foil just by throwing it in your recycling bin. Just make sure it is fairly clean and there should be no problems.

    @David: I agree. Not too many companies, especially large ones care about what consumers think. They only care about making a larger profit and cutting their costs.

  3. I wonder if people will buy this type of wrap, I mean even if it’s the same quality people might not buy it because they are not accustomed to buying recycled things, or they think the quality would be lower. I don’t know, hopefully not, I just think that people tend to stay with the old.. especially in common supermarkets hopefully not!

    Till then,


    • Jeff Burnett
    • June 13th, 2009

    so does it work to put the used foil in with the plastic bottles and glass,etc which will go into one dumpster for recycled goods ?

    • Pays to Live Green
    • June 14th, 2009

    Some people may associate recycled materials as being inferior products. That ideology needs to change if we want to make products like these more mainstream and acceptable to use.

  4. Funny, I was actually thinking about foil the other day and feeling guilty about using it. I am definitely going to buy this brand now.

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