Welcome to my page. My name is Patrick and I am the sole creator of Pays to Live Green. I graduated college and became a Software Developer. Since I can remember, I have been extremely interested in the both the environment and finances. As a child, I can always remember saving money instead of buying stuff I didn’t need. As the “green” movement has come along, I am always finding news ways to really help preserve our planet while still saving money.

Pays to Live Green will focus on all of my interests including: finance and finding bargains, the environment, alternative sources of energy, organic and sustainable products, nutrition and technology. A major aspect of this blog will be to focus on different ways you can save money by going “green”. One of the major concerns with the new “green” movement is the expenses involved with it. I want to show you ways to save money, whether it be immediately or in the long-run, on products and services that can help preserve our planet. Going “green” does not mean that you have to completely alter your lifestyle or sacrifice things just to make a difference. As I have found out, not everything is going to work for you. All I ask is to bring an open mind.

If you ever need to contact me, please don’t hesitate to send me a message through the contact form. I will try to answer every message as quickly as possible.

Please enjoy my blog and thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my blog.

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