What’s your Eco-Personality?

April 16, 2010 · Filed Under Environment, Green, Guest Posts, Polls
Green Girl

A little something fun from the Audubon Society to help you identify how you like to be involved with your environment, the EcoPersonality Quiz! It can be a great tool for teachers, environmental groups, families, or just a fun game for you to play on a quick break. Now I won’t giveaway the categories, but your answers predict your EcoPersonality and suggests a few actions you can take that match your personality.


Toyota Prius Greenest Car in 2010?

March 1, 2010 · Filed Under Automobiles, News, Polls

Consumer Reports announced it list of top cars in various categories, including green.  The Toyota Prius received the award for being the top Green Car in 2010.  This is the seventh year in a row that the Prius has won this award in this category.

It’s still the most fuel-efficient car in our Ratings, getting 44 mpg overall. That distinction helped it earn our pick in this category for the seventh straight year, the longest of any current model. In addition, the Prius is a pleasant car to drive, with a roomy interior, a steady ride, hatchback versatility, and excellent reliability and crash-test results. The 2010 redesign also gave it a more solid feel and a dedicated EV mode that allows it to run longer on electric power at low speeds, an advantage mainly in slow, congested traffic.

I would question the reliability aspect because of the recent recalls, but it seems pretty apparent that the Prius seems to be considered the best “green” car by many, not just Consumer Reports.

I have not driven a Prius or driven in one, but I have not had good experiences with people I know who drive them.   It’s great that people want to buy a car that uses less gas mileage and is more eco-friendly, but some people buy these cars like they do new electronic devices.  Another thing that made me a little frustrated is the fact that some feel they can drive more just because they now have a more gas efficient car.  This mentality negates the whatever benefit you are receiving from having a more fuel efficient vehicle.

My experiences are with some of the owners of the Prius, not the car itself.   Overall, the Prius seems like a pretty good vehicle and great car to consider if in need of a new vehicle.  I would still much rather have a full EV than just a hybrid, but they are still a few years away from hitting the market.  It’s also good to find other ways than buying a new car to save on gas or avoid using a car at all.  Some include biking, car pooling, public transportation and many other gas saving tips.

I decided to include a poll to get an idea of how you feel about the Prius being the top green car on the market.

Is the Prius the Greenest Car of 2010?

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Does Buying Green Make Us Less Altruistic?

October 13, 2009 · Filed Under News, Polls

In a recent study published in Psychological Science, it was found that buying green products can often lead to having “questionable behavior” in other aspects of our lives.  The study even concluded htat it may lead to a person who may steal or lie more often.

On the surface, this study may seem like it is attacking the average green consumer.  Just because we are buying green products doesn’t make us any better of a person.  In the words of the author of the study Nina Mazar who is also a green consumer:

At the end of the day, if we do one moral thing, IT doesn’t necessarily mean we will be morally better in other things as well.

In fact, purchasing green products does not make us morally any better in other parts of our lives.  It does not give us the right to brag to others or degrade others that do not do the same.  Instead, we should strive to do more acts to help the betterment of mankind and the environment.  We should also not talk down to others, but provide information to others as to how it will help make their lives better.

You know my view, now what you do think about this study?

Does Buying Green Make Us Less Altruistic?

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Almost Half Of Americans Would Buy Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

September 9, 2009 · Filed Under Automobiles, Polls

According to a recent study by Pike Research, 48% of consumers would be at least very likely to purchase a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) with a 40 mile charge.  The results are also interesting in that only 8% of all the peopled surveyed were completely uninterested in buying a PHEV.  Check out Environmental Leader for the remainder of the results and more details of the survey.

The results of this survey are important in that it shows that people are interested in buying electric vehicles, even if they only travel on a 40 mile charge.  I’m assuming this survey has to do with the Chevy Volt, which can run about 40 miles of a single charge.  I would image if the charge number were higher, the results would probably favor hybrid electric vehicles much greather.  I would rather have a vehicle that has a much longer charge like a few hundred miles like the Tesla or Aptera than a car that may or may not ake me to work and home in one charge.

So how would you answer this survey?  Let’s find out…

How Interested would You Be To Buy a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle with a 40 mile charge

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Study Finds Organic Foods Not More Nutritous

August 7, 2009 · Filed Under Nutrition, Polls

If you were to ask the a random person on the streets, “Are organically grown foods more nutritious than conventionally grown ones?”, what would you expect the answer to be?  I would imagine the majority of people would say that organic foods are in fact more nutritious.  A recent study found quite the contrary, organically grown foods are not more nutritious over foods that were conventionally grown.  The study was done by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to determine the exact question I proposed.

This study that was funded by the U.K Food Standards Agency, was conducted on foods grown over the last 50 years.  It concluded that produce grown organically and conventionally have comparable contents of many major vitamins and minerals include nitrogen, vitamin c, magnesium, potassium and more.  In meats, there was no difference in any nutritional content.  This is another blow for organic products because of the bad press already receive in America for allowing non-organic ingredients to be used in something labeled organic.

Many US food organizations think that the studies our outdated and newer studies show that there is in fact a difference between the two.  Regardless of the nutritional content, I think that many people buy organic foods because they were not treated with pesticides or dangerous chemicals like conventionally grown foods usually are.  It gives people a feeling that they are putting foods into their body that they know are safe to eat.

I decided to do a quick poll to determine how you feel about this study.

Would you buy less organic produce because of the findings of this study?

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Baltimore City Considering Plastic Bag Tax

June 17, 2009 · Filed Under Local, News, Polls

This is a local news story out of Baltimore, MD that could affects all shoppers.  In an attempt to clean up the streets of Baltimore of plastic bags, the Baltimore City counsel is proposing 25¢ tax on every bag used in stores.  Councilman Bill Henry is the bill’s sponsor and had this to say about the bill:

Those bags end up in our trees, in our fences, eventually in our gutters, in our storm drains, and in our harbor.  It would just be easier if people didn’t take them

This comes after Washington D.C. levied a 5¢ on all non-reusable bagsThere are some hurdles that councilman Henry faces including objections from several members of the council including the president.

This bill seems really great on the surface: let’s tax a product so that people won’t use it and in turn help our environment.  That picture seems really cheery, but the problem is that people should not have to pay for it.  It may encourage people to use less plastic bags, but why not start a program to distribute reusable bags or ban plastic bags all together like in Westport Connecticut. Why must we get taxed to help save our environment?

The truth behind bills like these are that the government is trying to get more tax money from people and use the “green” movement as a cover up.  In my opinion, lawmakers are acting just as bad as businesses making false green claims just to make a larger profit.  They may have better intentions than businesses, but it still ends up hurting the consumers in the end.

Share Your Thoughts

How do you feel about taxing plastic bags and any alternatives (if any) that you may feel are better than a tax.

Is a Tax the best way to get rid of Plastic Bags?

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Many Feel Global Warming is Exaggerated

March 12, 2009 · Filed Under Environment, Polls

A recent poll released by Gallup showed that a high percentage of Americans feel that global warming is “exaggerated” when portrayed in the news. Around 41% of Americans feel that the media is exaggerating the effects that we have on global warming as compared to 28% who feel the opposite. These numbers are up from the last time they did this poll in 2006.

What is your opinion of this poll?

How do you feel that the poll reflects the general public and what position would take in this poll? Well I decided to put together my own poll to see how my readers feel about this issue.

Thinking about what is said in the news, in your view the seriousness of global warmming

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