Get Free 250 GB of File Hosting By Going Green

SmashingApps and FileDropper are teaming to provide you with the opportunity to get 250 GB of file storage for free by going green.  This seems like it is too good to be true, but all you have to do to get your free account is to make a pledge to go green.  This can include making a pledge on Twitter, posting a video on Youtube or even creating a picture and posting it on Flickr.  The idea behind this promotion is to try to encourage people to not only make a pledge to make their lives more green, but to also reduce the amount of paper we use.  Instead of printing documents, you can just store them on your free account without having to bog down your own computer.

The pledge to go green doesn’t have to be that you you give up electricity usage or stop driving your car, but simple things like:

  • I promise to send documents online rather than printing them.  Do you?
  • I promise to buy recycled paper if printing is really necessary.  Do you?
  • I promise to avoid miss-printing and if happens I will keep that pages for rough drafts, Do you?
  • I promise to start using double sided printing.  Do you?

Even though SmashingApps seems to focus on things related to printing, you can take a pledge related to anything including taking a Shorter Showers, conserving energy by turning off electronic devices and eating more natural, organic and local foods.   I encourage everyone to make their own pledge and begin living a greener lifestyle.  Be sure to visit SmashingApps if you want your free storage space and to make your pledge, but you have to be fast.  This promotion ends on Sunday, January 31, 2009.

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  1. 250 GB of file storage is a lot of space.Thank for sharing this tip to us.

  2. Hi Patrick,

    Excellent … thank you very much for passing this on. I made my promise, signed up, and it worked, I not have a 250GB file dropper account.

    Thanks, subscribing to you blog has already paid off ;-)


    • generic
    • August 28th, 2009

    Wow! 250 GB of file storage sure is a lot of space. Thanks for sharing this tip to us.

  3. By publish such post and providing such offers for your reader, you are best contributing to make the environment green and clean.

  4. 250GB for free …now this is an excellent find ..Along with the other excellent content on this blog i am very grateful to have popped by and will continue to do so ….Thanks

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