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In todays World it isn’t only the artists who are struggling. But if you are an art aficionado, how does an art gallery filled with 255,000 works available at your fingertips sound? Artist Rising is the artist’s version of Etsy. It is open to anyone wishing to sell their artwork and offers an interesting set-up.

As the Buyer:

  1. Choose what subject you are looking for in your piece of artwork OR
  2. Choose the medium (photography, watercolor, mixed media…) OR
  3. Choose the style (art deco, impressionism, symbolism…)
  4. You choose whether you want the original or a reproduction
  5. If you choose a reproduction, you can choose the size
  6. It ships directly to you (so don’t worry about transporting valuable canvases across town
  7. You can also learn about the artist, how they got started and contact them directly if you find someone you love and see what gallery’s are showcasing their work.

As the Artist:

  1. Sign up for Artist Rising (accounts are f-r-e-e)
  2. Create your gallery, biography, and utilize the other free tools
  3. Upload a picture of your work
  4. Decide on the price range, what sizes are appropriate and other parameters
  5. Utilize their free marketing tools and communications platforms to learn and expand your art!

What is incredible about this tool is the ability to find big or small artists, discover art that you really love…not just what’s on sale to cover up those walls, and you can support true artists. Artists need to starve no more with these easy tool! What is also a relief as that the company takes care of the printing. So if you are offering poster prints, they do all of that for the artist. Since this can be quite expensive and a risky investment, especially during tepid economic times, this is an excellent option for artists, and artists that are just coming out of their shell, to share what they creative eyes see in the World.

So check it out! Find local artists or even become one.

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