Avoid Last Minute Parking

Riding around the city trying to find a parking spot can be one of the most frustrating tasks many of us deal with.  Not only does it cause excessive anger, but it can be a major source of unnecessary gas waste.  One of the easiest ways to avoid this mess is to avoid last minute parking by being prepared.

Online Research

Researching online before deciding to make a trip into a city may be the best plan of action.  Almost every major city across America has a website dedicated to where to park and its potential cost.  Also, just by doing a simple Google search, forums and message boards are filled with local residents who have suggestions on where to park depending on which part of the city you are traveling to.

Close Parking

Sometimes the closest parking location can often be the most expensive.  This includes parking garages and lots and meters that are close by to a location.  It may cost you a little money up front, but the time and gas wasted by driving around the city may end up costing more than simply choosing a close parking spot.  Doing a little research as I point out above can help you determine whether it’s even possible to find free parking available.

Public Transportation

Not driving at all may be a better solution than having to worry about parking.  I usually find it much less stressful and inexpensive to take a city’s public transportation than driving around trying to find parking.  The DC metro cost a few bucks to ride to almost any part of the city from locations in Maryland and Virginia.  Though all metro systems are not as extensive, you can still park in an area of the city that may have a metro location and take the train the remainder of the way.

Please share other methods you use to try to avoid the hassle of searching for a parking location in the city.

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  1. So true. Especially during weekends when local places like malls and restaurants are extremely crowded!Also, another thing that you can do is carpool with friends. That doesn’t solve the finding parking situation but at least it’s only one car finding parking and not two.

  2. Public transportation or even riding a bike is the way to go. Those downtown lots totally price gouge you!

  3. Agreed, in today’s times of increasing pollution and global warming, it’s best to take public transportation anyway. Other than peak hours when it’s standing room only most of the time, I always use public transportation.

    Till then,


  4. We have friends who live within walking distance of some great downtown locations so we always include them in our plans. If they aren’t available, they usually offer their extra parking space to us – for free.

    • That doesn’t solve the finding parking situation but at least it’s only one car finding parking and not two.

  5. Yes ..the only solution to avoid all the messes in all the tasks is to Start Early!!

  6. I really hate looking for parking. While some people will circle a parking lot for 10 minutes to find a spot close to the door, I usually opt for the first spot I find. I don’t mind walking a bit if it spares me the stress of looking for parking. Other times I do take public transportation, but it is not very convenient considering that it often costs more than parking.

  7. Yes, parking is major issue nowadays. Thanks for good advise.

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