B.Y.O.G.: Bring Your Own Growler


Growlers are making a comeback. These reusable half-gallon bottles used to transport beer from pub or brewery to home date back at least to the late-19th Century and are reentering the modern vernacular as beer consumers become more cost-, quality-, and environmentally-conscious.

Photo by mrjoro.

According to The New York Times, beer-to-go is both legal and growing in popularity. National chains such as Whole Foods are getting in on the action, and beer aficionados everywhere are rejoicing. At a cost of roughly $4 to $12 per half gallon (and a even a bit more for true specialty beers), a full growler beats the price of a six-pack any day.

If you live in a city – like Boston, Portland (Oregon), New York, San Francisco, or St. Louis – known for its craft beers, then you may very well live in a mecca for growlers without even knowing it! Run a Google search or ask your favorite craft beer bar owner where you can obtain and use a growler … and then drink up! (And, of course, drink responsibly.)

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  1. Hm … never heard the term “growler”. Now I know!

    I’ve recently seen a few stores offer deposits on returnable bottles … it’s an old idea but a good one and encourages reuse! :)


      • Pays to Live Green
      • June 2nd, 2010

      Growlers are really for those into drinking lots of micro-brews of beers. I really enjoy drinking micro-brews and in particular local beers in my area. I only discovered what a growler was when I actually visited one of the breweries and they were selling growlers. They are a really good deal, especially for how much beer you can hold in one :)

  2. Those are awesome. I am an avid fan of bottles and different styles and I definitely want one of them. Haven’t seen these around but those look really cool. So big too!

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