Best Buy’s Vampire Awareness Day

Best Buy is promoting turning off electrical devices through Vampire Awareness Day on this Thursday, October 30, 2008. The idea of this day is that Vampire Power, electricity wasted while devices are turned off or in standby, can have a huge impact not only our wallets, but also the environment. Best Buy made a video about Vampire Power that really gets the point across:

Best Buy lists out some interesting statistics on their site to get the point across that not unplugging some of those energy draining devices can cost tons of money and electricity.

  • It is responsible for wasting an estimated $4 billion in the U.S. annually and the Department of Energy notes that this figure could rise by 20 percent by 2010.
  • The average American home has approximately 20 to 40 electronics plugged in that abuse vampire power.
  • These appliances can cost you close to $1,000 in electricity costs per year at current rates (more in the future if energy costs continue to climb).

As I describe in my article about Computer Energy Saving, you can save on Vampire Energy by always unplugging your electric devices where there is no need to have them plugged in. An easy way to do this is to have these devices plugged into a power strip. This can allow you to simply switch off the power strip when you are no longer using the electronic devices. It is a really easy an effective way to eliminating any electricity waste.

You can also figure out how much electricity those electronic devices are consuming by using the P3 Kill A Watt. You can then put those figures into my Energy Calculator to determine how much electronic devices are costing you and how much you could save by unplugging them.

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  1. Such a relief to see corporate America step up on the education front, especially in a fun way, and let people know how even the simple things can make a big difference on a national level.

    Global Patriots last blog post..The Women’s Conference – Part One

  2. I think it is pretty cool that Best Buy is participating in this.

    There are so many things in the home that despite being turned ‘off,’ are still actually running. I think some chargers, like some cell phones, can be pretty bad about energy management and what they do when the battery is full.

    Tigers last blog post..Improving the Dog Wheelchair

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