Canned Food Have BPA?

A small study recently conducted determined that we may be consuming BPA, a chemical that was deemed of concern by the EPA, on a regular basis because of the canned food that we eat.  After the release of this study, consumer advocates were outraged and pushing Congress to create a food safety bill to remove this chemical from our cans.

The study involved the testing of cans found in 50 grocery stories.  Out of the 50, 46 stores had cans that contains detectable levels of BPA in them.  It was determined that the lining normally found in cans may be leaching the chemical into our foods.

We already knew that aluminum water bottles were found to contain levels of BPA, but now even our canned foods contain them.  This study is extremely alarming and something needs to be done to ensure that BPA is not in any of our food, not just canned goods.  Our laws need to change to start requiring companies to show that BPA and other dangerous chemicals are not present in food items that we consume everyday.

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  1. This is one reason why ‘going green’, meaning freshly picked, is really a lot better than eating food in cans. The liquids in the cans sometimes cause the lining to leach out and BPA might be in these cans! Consequently, we consume these harmful BPA.

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