Did you Celebrate 10/10/10?


Oh the holiday season is upon us, and one of the most memorable for anyone concerned with cancer, food safety, and agriculture just passed. On October 10th, 2010 Non-GMO Day was celebrated worldwide with success and continues as October has been deemed “GMO-Free Month”. So what exactly was all the celebrating and food fighting about?


GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are most often plants that have been injected with genes from other species or synthetically developed strains to create a type of lab-made hybrid. The most famous example is when a tomato plant was given the genes from a fish, making the plant more tolerant. Although fascinating from a scientific prospective, these plants are grown with little research done on their long-term environmental and health impact. The reports don’t look promising for the GMO industry, but unfortunately they have large financial resources that have produced alternative propaganda in place of scientific research. It is often considered one of the most corrupt industries given the monopolies agriculture companies have and their tactics with farmers that work on leased land.

So Why the Celebration?

Many individuals have been determined since the advent of GMO-food to keep it out of their systems. European nations quickly banned it from trade quite some time ago, leaving the US to instead donate its excess of subsidized crops to third world nations. The ethics involved in these donations have been highly questioned. As American citizens, we are not protected from a government standpoint from GMO infiltration into our food, but we are given the option to “opt out’ of it through choosing organic food.

Learn More

Since food, genetics, and agriculture each have their own large respective industries and trade associations, it can be difficult to find information about the risks associated with GMOs. Your best source of information is the Institute for Responsible Technology to learn more about GMOs, what they are, and what issues you should be aware of going forward for your own health. If you are pregnant or have small children, it is highly recommended to review this information as the build-up of toxins and other things being injected into our food are not meant to be digested by our bodies.

A belated cheers to 10.10.10!

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  1. Humm I actually did not know it was a day of celebration, though I did think it was cool that it was 10 10 10! Maybe I should try to keep up with the trends and what not better :D

    Till then,


  2. Looking back on this, theres gonna be so many of these in the upcoming years, were gonna have 11/1/11, 11/11/11 just this year alone! :) Pretty cool deal


    • That is quite true. One of the advantages of living close to the turn of the century. ;)

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