Presents ‘Increase Your Green’

Do you or your kids want to make a difference in schools?  Well, here is your chance.  HP and are teaming up to bring to you a national campaign called Increase Your Green.  This program is urging all students, parents, teachers to take action and reduce the environmental impact of their schools. In the process, your school could win $5,000 and some HP laptops that have green technologies. Nick Cannon is the spokesperson for this campaign.  Lets here what he has to say about Increase Your Green:

Though I am  not a huge fan of Nick Cannon, it’s really great to see these organizations trying to connect with our kids to get the word out about going green. Their site provides some great idea sin which schools can go green, ranging from greening up events to saving energy in our schools.  A few I mention here on my site are saving computer energy and using natural cleaners

How to Submit a Project?

To enter this contest:

  1. Setup a project around a school.
  2. Submit a proposal to the site I mentioned above.
  3. Submit more details about the final project by April 22nd.

I think regardless of who wins this contest, all schools need to take measure to make sure they are going green.  It’s important to get our kids involved learning about ways they can not only make their schools more green, but also in their daily lives.

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  1. It’s good to see that large organisations are getting into these types of projects to help educate children. I wish there was more focus on recycling, fossil fuels and sustainable energy than subjects that are not as relevant anymore. Our kids are our future, the more they understand now the more they will be thinking about it as they grow older. Education is the key to knowledge.

  2. I think simply set up recycle bins in schools is a great start.

    But yeah, like you said, great idea – everyone comes out a winner in this contest.

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