Eco Friendly Lawn Mowers

Many people are beginning to get rid of gas powered lawn mowers in an effort to make a positive change on the environment, their health and their wallets.  Various types of environmentally friendly lawn mowers are now available on the market that can take the place of polluting gas models.  Let’s take a look at why gas lawn mowers are so harmful as well as different models of eco-friendly mowers  ways that can make a positive impact on your life.

Why ditch gas?

A big misconception with gas mowers is that fact of just how much of a environmental impact they truly have.  Just because they have small engines, that doesn’t mean that they don’t pollute just as much as a bigger engines.  I was really blown away by just how much pollutants gas lawn mowers put into our environment.  Gas powered lawn mowers use approximately 800 million gallons every year and produce 1/10 of the total smog-forming pollutants from all mobile gas devices.  That’s a lot of gas usage every year for such small machines.  The worst part is that 1 lawn mower produces as much pollutants equivalent to driving 43 new cars 12,000 miles every year!!!  And I always thought that cars were the top culprit for emitting pollutants.

Prior to 1997, many lawn mowers had no emissions regulations at all and are greater polluters than today’s models sold.  Even after 10 years of regulations on lawn mowers, there are very few emission requirements on gas lawn mowers and they are not much more efficient that older models.  Most still only have a carburetor and a single muffler with no additional emission controls.  Also, gas models are a huge source of noise pollution.  On a weekend morning when you are trying to sleep in, somebody mowing their lawn with a gas lawn mower is always there to wake you up.

Push Mower
Photo by Dan4th.

Eco Mowers

A new generation of lawn mowers called eco mowers that are not only environmentally friendly but also eliminate the loud noises of their gas counterparts.  Remember the mowers that require you to manually push them with  no motor through your lawn?  Eco mowers are bringing these push mowers back because they do not require a motor and are overall better for our environment.  It may seem weird to bring back such a simple model of mower, but as you will see sometimes simple is better.

Reel Mowers

Reel lawn mowers may seem old school, but are making a comeback with eco friendly mowing.  They work by having a horizontal cutting blade that can be described as a cylinder.  As the wheels of the mower moves, the reel spins at a fast speed and cuts the ground.  Push mowers are a prime example of reel mowers.   They seem more inefficient in their cutting method, but actually make a healthier cut and there is no motor to worry about.  There are models available with gas or electric engines ( electric being preferable ) that can provide some assistance with the mowing process.


It is pretty obvious that eco mowers are much gentler on the environment than traditional gas powered mowers.  Many are push models that don’t even have a motor to emit pollutants.  You do the work so the environment doesn’t have to be negatively impacted.  Even if you decide to use an electric model, there is still no direct emissions and don’t require a large amount of energy to run.


There are no more harmful emissions that you or your family have to breathe in when you are cutting your lawn.  Along with better air quality, push mowers will force you to move your body.  It is like a workout on its own because it requires you to use your own energy to push a mower over any size lawn.  There are even some models available that have a place where you can put extra weights on the mower to give you an even better workout.


Just as with health and the environment, you save money on these types of mowers because they have no motor.  Push mowers can cost as little as $100 and require very little maintainance.  No more need to buy gas and less worrying about reparing an expensive gas engine.

Where to Buy? is one of the leading companies pushing the eco friendly lawn mower movement.  They provide a wide variety of products and information on how getting a eco mower can make a positive impact on our environment.  They sell both manual push reel and electric reel models with free shipping on all their mowers.  You can also check out your local home store as well for very affordable push mowers.

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  1. I think I have too big of a yard to ditch gas completely, because it would take me hours to mow it manually.

    However, I want to section off part of the yard and raise some goats and chickens, which will form a sort of natural lawn mower.

  2. I love the way these mowers look, and I love that they don’t make much noise at all.

  3. If you’re disabled, don’t really have time to mow the lawn or are just plain lazy, there’s also the option of getting a robotic lawn mower. While they do have their limitations, a (lazy) friend of mine is certainly pleased with his. Wired did an article on them:
    It’s an old article, but it’s still interesting.

    • Pays to Live Green
    • May 20th, 2009

    @Thomas: I have heard of a robotic lawn similar to the ones shown in your link that is solar powered as well.

    @Tiger: I do agree that larger lawns are impossible to cut with a simple manual push mower. There are larger models of mowers that are electric that are much more efficient than gas mowers. I have actually heard of using farm animals as a natural lawn mower. Even google is even using goats now:

  4. I agree with you completely that gas powered lawn mowers cause much more pollution than most people think. I remember when I used to have to mow my grandmas lawn and I was choking on the fumes caused by the gas mower. I wish I had one of those eco friendly lawn mowers back then.

  5. I switched to a natural lawn mower and I know it is helping the environment compared to a gas powered lawn mower. I agree that these lawn mowers look great, better than their gas powered counterparts.

  6. All electric mowers are the way to go if your lawn is small. However, for most lawns, the environmental AND practical choice would be the hybrid remote control lawn mowers from

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