Eco Mist Solutions New Outdoor Cleaning Products

With summer just around the corner, Eco Mist Solutions just released it new line of outdoor cleaners. This new line of cleaners includes a BBQ Grill Cleaner, Deck Wash and Patio Furniture Cleaner.  All three cleaners use the same safe and effective technology used in all of their other cleaners, but they are specifically designed to fight the tough stains and grease you would normally find on outdoor items.  They are also made from 100% natural ingredients, are non-toxic and affordable to buy.

Eco Mist Outdoor Solutions

BBQ Cleaner

The BBQ Grill Cleaner is specifically designed to fight tough grease you would normally find on any part of the grill.  I was fortunate enough to try the BBQ Grill Cleaner and must say it works as it says.  When I first sprayed it on my grill, it started eliminating the grease immediately.  I normally use natural cleaners such as vinegar or baking soda to naturally clean my grill, but I found that this cleaner required far less scrubbing and was more effective.  It also had no fumes and it felt great that I could spray my grill off with no worries that environment would be harmed.  You can also feel safe to eat on your grill immediately after cleaning it.  With ingredients like grass, corn and coconut, why would you?

Deck Wash

Both the Deck Wash and Patio Furniture Cleaners are designed to remove mold and mildew and safe on just about any surface.  The patio cleaner is safe for all surfaces this cleaner is ideal to help brighten your patio furniture. The deck wash is strong enough to get mold, mildew, grease & grime off your deck yet gentle enough for a toddler to pad around on afterwards. It is also safe around your pools, spas and gardens.

Go check your local Home Depot in Canada or one of the many online relaters that carry Eco Mist Solution products to get these great cleaners.  Also be sure to check out the great interview I had with the creator of Eco Mist, Ted Fagan if you haven’t already.

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  1. As you know by my previous comments in the past, I love BBQing, I will definitely have to give the BBQ Cleaner a shot, and I am glad to hear that it emits no fumes, and as well as it being Non-Toxic =D, and best of all like you said, with the natural ingredients it makes it even more the while =D

    Till then,


  2. I would be interested to see how well their patio furniture cleaner works, because I have some fairly grimy outside furniture that needs to be cleaned and it would be nice to be able to wash it outside without using a bunch of harmful chemicals…

  3. It is hard to find a cleaning product that is eco friendly. I am also very interested in the BBQ cleaner as I love BBQing too. Thanks for the recommendations.

  4. is it really works? im looking this type product

  5. very well that the production of environmentally clean, in our time are hard to find such products

  6. Has anyone tried Shaklee cleaners?? They are organic,plant based,biodegradable and non-toxic. The most popular is Basic-H. One product can be used for all of the above cleaning just by mixing different amounts. 2-3 drops in a 16oz spray bottle cleans mirrors and glass,1/4 tsp in 16 oz spray bottle is an all purpose cleaner and 1/2 tsp in a 16oz bottle is a degreaser for grills and such. All you add is the water. It’s also safe for all flooring and needs no rinsing. Basic-H has been around since 1960 and was used by Jacque Cousteau on his boats at sea since it’s enviornmentally friendly. Don’t mess with it if it’s not broken right?? Check out my website or contact me via e-mail for more info or to place an order.

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