EcoPrintWorks Custom Apparel and Accessories

Ecoprintworks provides high quality custom apparel and accessories, while providing responsible printing for companies and individuals.  Along with using eco-friendly inks, they also print on organic and sustainably produced garments.

About EcoPrintWorks


EcoPrintWorks was started by David Whitaker and Peter Imai, two individuals combining over 50 years in the screen-printing business.  After running a printing business in the San Luis Obispo community for many years, both decided to make a change in their business philosophy by becoming more environmentally friendly and conscious for their workers health.  Owner Peter Imai describes in more detail why they decided to make the switch:

We loved our business but we wanted to be more responsible with the decisions we were making. To us that meant making a move from PVC based Plastisol inks and conventional cotton to solvent free, water-based inks, and organic cotton garments. It’s a bit more expensive, but the response that we’ve gotten from customers is amazing. We’re happy to be able to provide a healthier work environment for our staff as well as a finished product that falls in line with our values. We hope you love the water-based prints as much as we do.

Permaset Aqua

Permaset Aqua are water-based fabric inks produced by Australian company Colormaker. Permaset inks contain no toxic chemicals, are 100% solvent free and are safe to even use on baby clothes under the age of 2. They also do not contain any form of lead or other types of heavy metals.  Prior to using Permaset, the main type of ink in the screen-printing industry was Plastisol, which contains Polyvinyl Chloride.  These inks are extremely harmful to the environment as well as emitting dangerous vapors.  Colormaker took this into account with Permaset Aqua by making them highly durable, excellent range of colors and dry more quickly than traditional water-based inks. EcoPrintWorks uses Permaset to provide not only a safer product, but also a more superior one as well.

Environmentally Friendly Suppliers

EcoPrintWorks gets its apparel and accessories from a variety of suppliers that use organic and renewable materials and have environmentally friendly business practices.  A few of the companies include American Apparel, Earth Positive, ALO athletic wear, and many others.

Ordering Process

To order through EcoPrintWorks is very straight forward.  Their website guides you through the entire process.  You first start by getting on quote based off the the order size and the type of design you want to provide.  They accept just about any type of art work you have or can provide you with ready to go artwork.  It’s free of charge to use one of their designers to get the professional design you would desire.  After placing the order and providing payment, their is a final approval process to ensure that everything is the way that it should be before getting printed.  Once completed, everything is sent within 3 business days free of charge.


EcoPrintWorks Sample

I was lucky enough to receive a sample of their work in the form of a reusable bag. The bag itself was made by and the artwork was designed by one of their designers. As you can tell from the picture, the artwork is beautiful. The bag was made from 100% recycled cotton fibers and is extremely durable.  I used the bag several times filled with produce and it held really strong.  The colors printed on the bag are much more vibrant than displayed in the picture and have no signs of peeling.  I cannot attest to the process of ordering products through this company, but they did a wonderful job with the bag I received and would definitely order through them if I needed printed apparel or bags.

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  1. What a beautiful bag … love the print. Thank you for sharing information about this company!

    Take Care!

    Small Footprints

  2. Ecoprintworks is giving away 12 Custom Printed Recycled Totes to a winner drawn this month. Details here.

    • BareBeliever
    • November 9th, 2009

    I love the idea of custom printing! that way i can be unique with my style without being over the top wacked out hahaha

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