EPA Study on BPA in Plastics

The Environmental Protection Agency is set to begin a study to determine the environment and health risks of BPA.  There will also be a set of actions that include adding BPA to a list of chemicals of concern as well as determine the levels of the chemical in our environment.  This includes surface and ground water as well as our drinking water.

If you are not already familar with BPA, it is a plastic that is heavily used in many of the products we buy, in particular drinking bottles.  The FDA declared that it had concerns over the potential negative health impacts it could be having on us.  There has also been an outrage in recent years over the use of BPA in plastic and even aluminum water bottles we drink from.

This concern about BPA is not new and in my opinion should be avoided at all costs, now more than ever…

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  2. I was only recently made aware of BPA and its risks. We used to re-use old soda bottles as water containers but ever since we heard about it, we started to dispose of them.

    Till then,


  3. Thanks for information about BPA use in plastics.

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