FruitGuys Delivering Farm Fresh Fruits Daily

It’s always hard to find anything healthy at the office, let alone something that is fresh and nutritious. The stuff in the vending machines is not guaranteed to be fresh and everything is high in fat and preservatives. The FruitGuys are here to save the day *cheers*. provides a great service to deliver farm fresh produce on regular intervals to your office and even your home.

About the FruitGuys

The FruitGuys was founded in 1998 in San Fransisco by the original fruit guy Chris Mittelstaedt to provide offices throughout the nation with farm fresh fruits and even vegetables. The challenges of finding anything fresh at work or even in some homes can be extremely difficult. Eating nutritious fruits can not only increase productivity, but give them a healthy snack they will not regret eating. The company has gone all the way from a small home business to a Fortune 500 company and even been named one of the top growing companies. Even with such high growth rates, the company is committed to keeping close to the community and promoting sustainable and organic local farms. Check out this video for a complete background of the company:

The FruitGuy’s 5 Rs

The FruitGuys developed a 5-step philosophy in terms of their customer service to ensure that besides just receiving their quality produce, you will be completely satisfied from the time you order until all the fruit is eaten. The 5 Rs are:

  1. We’ll be Respectful of you at all times.
  2. We’ll be Responsive to your needs.
  3. We’ll be Realistic with you about what we can or cannot do.
  4. We’ll take personal Responsibility to provide a positive outcome.
  5. We’ll work hard so that you’ll Remember us positively.

To find out more information about the 5 Rs and a complete background of The FruitGuys in Chris Mittelstaedt’s own words, check out The Closet Entrepreneur.

Local Produce

One big thing that attracted me to checking out Fruit Guys was that they use as much local produce as they can. Depending on which area of the country you are located, the produce mix will vary throughout the year. As you can see in the video below, the fruit guys get a good portion of their produce from great sustainable farmers in local California:

At the moment, the East and Central parts of America do not have a lot of local produce because no fruits are really in season now. When looking at the selection of produce, it shows exactly which farm the produce is coming from and whether it is organic. I love the fact that they are open about which farms their produce is coming from, making it easy to do research on all the farms the produce is coming from. An interesting statistic listed on their site was that their fruit is shipped within 2 days of when it was harvested as compared to 7 days that you would typically find in a local grocery store.

Chris Mittelstaedt Box


Even being such a rapidly growing company, The FruitGuys still continue to be committed to their local communities and do not want to expand too much. They make regular donations to local charities and provide free produce to various organizations. It’s great to see a company devoted to it’s community.

Reducing Environmental Impact

In an effort to reduce their impact, they designed an environmentally friendly box that is made with 75%-100% post-consumer recycled cardboard. Everything is printed with soy-based inks. If you live in the San Francisco bay area, they will also pick up the boxes they ship the fruit in. All boxes are fully recyclable and they encourage their customers to recycle or reuse every box. Even there insulation in the boxes is made from cornstarch and is fully degradable.


A question you may have is just how do they ship local produce to your area in a timely manner and and it still be fresh? Well, they have 3 different facilities to ensure that all areas of the country can have local produce in their area. It also allow for quicker shipment so that you will receive the produce much more quickly. The main headquarters is in San Francisco and they get much of their produce from local farms in Northern and Central California. The east coast location is near Philadelphia and they get their local produce from the nearby areas. The last location is the Central part of the country in the produce district of Chicago.

How to Order?

Order from The FruitGuys is an easy process. They allow you to set up a schedule to receive fresh produce at work or home on a regular basis or simply order one whenever you need it. Most people choose to get fruit delivered on a weekly basis, but that decision is left up to you. What’s nice about their service is that they also provide free shipping to anywhere on the East or West coasts or a small shipping charge for those in the Midwest. They also guarantee the quality and timeliness of their orders and will issue a credit or replacement if the quality is not top notch.


The FruitGuys currently has two offers going on.

  • Trial Offer to let you try out their product.
  • Volume Discount: If you need a large number of crates, you will actually receive a discount. You’ll qualify for a volume discount of $5 off per crate on orders of 4 or more, or $10 off per crate on orders of 9 or more crates. Call or email them for more information.
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  1. Kudos the Fruit Guys. Boy, I wish they were here locally about 5 years ago because I worked at a local newpaper and due to time contraints I was forced to visit the local hot dog stand guy 3-4 times a week. What a great concept!

  1. March 18th, 2009

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