Get Ionizied for Cleaning


Meet the Ionator. With one spray, your average tap water becomes a charged cleaning agent ready to take on lotion, grease, and bacteria anywhere in your home or office.

Work it, baby, work it.

Simply fill the bottom with tap water, click it into place and you are ready for some heavy duty cleaning! You shoot the water out like a spray gun, then rub down the surface with a microfiber cloth (preferably) and Viola! Clean as a whistle. So how does it work? When you shoot the spray it runs through an area that electrically charges the water. Next, it is “ionized” meaning it goes through an ion exchange membrane that results in positively and negatively charged nanobubbles. Then once the water squirts out, it lifts dirt up (a la ions…kind of) just like a positive and negative magnet. Then your towel enters the picture, wipes away the water that has attracted all the dirt to keep those surfaces looking and actually being clean. Now what about those icky germs? This ionized water kills 99.9% of harmful germs when applied correctly. How about that? No chemicals that are harsh on us and our environment, just plan old ionized water to the rescue.

Don’t Believe Me? Ask Bill Nye, The Science Guy.

Now the ins and outs of nanobubbles, ionization, and dirt and water being mangnetically attracted to one another may be a stretch for most of us. So let Bill Nye, The Science Guy, help de-mystify how it works. He made an excellent video that goes into perfect scientific detail (for grade school students…smart grade school students that is) on just how this contraption works. Its so cool, you may find yourself watching the whole video just to learn more!

What’ll it Cost Me?

Well, take two major things into account. First, this will replace almost all of your other household cleaners for about 5 years. Second, this is new technology so just like the first iPod, it will cost you a little bit more. One Ionator runs for under $200 in the U.S. with most retailers coming in around $170. Now think off the variety of toxic products you buy to clean your house. The ones that claim to “Kill 99.9% of All Bacteria”, now take out these toxic products and replace them with this single machine that can do all of their jobs without threatening your respiratory health. If you have kids or pets at home, this green product can help keep everyone safe, especially during fragile developmental stages.

All in all this is a really unique product. I have witnessed its cleaning magic and tested it to the max: note that it does not remove 20 year old adhesives or mysterious carpet stains; also note that the water tastes delicious, and was even able to clean up thick body lotion. A Minnesota-based eco-retail store, Moss Envy, uses this throughout their entire store to clean shelves, products, clean up messes left behind by the little ones, and remove grease from stainless steel. So get activated, get ionated, and find out what this product can do for you!

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  1. Hımm this is great cleaning ;)

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