Green Paints Top Consumer Reports List

In Consumer Report’s 2010 interior paint report, almost all of the top performers were also the lowest in VOCs.  This is fairly surprising considering that many in previous years, many of the top performing paints were not all that environmentally friendly.

Bob Markovich, the senior home editor at Consumer Reports sums this new trend up nicely:

Paints have advanced in their ability to perform and be green

Some of the top performing paints include:

  • Behr Premium Plus Ultra ($33/gallon)
  • Kilz Casual Colors semigloss & low-luster ($22/gallon)
  • Benjamin Moore Regal ($45/gallon)

The biggest thing that Consumer Report suggests is that paints should be chosen not by brand since some of the top brands did not perform that well.  It’s also key to do your research and properly read the labels to make sure you are buying a paint that is in fact either low or zero VOC.  I would suggest also checking out natural paints that perform just as well without dangerous ingredients and absolutely no VOCs.

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  1. great post it just so happens i just painted my home with the Kilz Casual Colors semigloss paint it is awsome thanks

    • Renaye brown
    • March 2nd, 2010

    This list is bribe-soaked!

  2. I am so glad low and non VOC paints are easily available. I can’t stand the smell and the caustic effects. Glad to read that the Kilz brand ranks well with Consumer Reports.

  1. February 18th, 2010

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