Is Wind Energy Not Worth The Investment?

Robert Bryce from the Wall Street Journal thinks that wind energy could actually be causing more carbon emissions than often advertised.  Bryce found research that suggests because wind is not a consistent source of energy, coal plants have to pick up the slack.  The research found that it requires more energy to start coal fire generators than if left running.  Hist entire piece called  Wind Power Won’t Cool Down the Planet can be found on the Wall Street Journal.

Not Thinking Ahead

The major flaw with Bryce’s argument would have to be the fact that he is only thinking about now, without looking ahead into the future.  Wind may be the most popular now, but there are so many other sources of energy that we can invest in that could help us eliminate our need for coal and oil.  I may be a little naive, but I would hope that America would one day rely on only renewable and clean energy sources.

That could be 50, 75 or even more than 100 years down the road.  The fact is that we cannot continue to rely on the current sources of energy that we are without causing further damage to our planet as well as shortage of those sources.  The only way we are going to see long term reduction in carbon emissions is if we keep investing and continue to incorporate wind, solar, geothermal and other renewable sources available to us.

The cost of investing in renewable energy is high at the moment, but it could help reduce future energy costs.  Research can also be done now to help reduce that cost and help make it more efficient in the future.  The cost will be drastically reduced and electricity can be generated a higher percentage of the time.

Another point that he brings up is that natural gas is a solution we should consider.  There is enough natural gas to meet our needs, but what happens when that runs out?  It’s only a matter of time before we have to go back and start considering renewable energy sources again.

To answer the original question of this post: Yes.  Some of the points that Bryce brings up in his article are valid.  People may be pocketing incentives from the government and wind energy is currently expensive.  The major problem is that all solutions we currently have are only short term.  We need to continue investing in renewable energy and get over these initial speed bumps to one day be using a source that will not leave us in a bind in the future.

What are your thoughts?

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    • Lauralee Hensley
    • August 27th, 2010

    I would think that someday coal is not be an easily obtainable product as it will someday be mined out as have several types of gems in several parts of the world.
    I think Wind power though unreliable is also needed and therefore the money spent on it now is a good investment because with everything costs rise as the years go on and the cost to invest in it in the future when it will be even more needed may even be
    higher than now. With proper maintenance a wind turbine should last a really long time, so the investment now versus later is a no brainer. Cheaper to set them up now and use them as much as
    possible. Keep the coal fires burning too and sell the electricity made from them to another part of the country through switching links.
    I know that we live in a part of the country where
    our area has to buy electricity at times from other
    areas of the country, especially Wyoming. So their
    are electric plants that have electric lines with switching capabilities to send electricity down the electric high wire lines to another area of the country for just such purposes.

  1. Although the process to completely rely on renewable energy might take years or even hundreds of years, no matter what it should be done someday.

    • Silent Generators
    • September 5th, 2010

    Even though the method to totally depend on renewable energy could possibly take decades or even a huge selection of several years, irrespective of what it ought to be completed someday.

  2. Wind energy could be supplemented by solar energy to create a constant flow. The main thing is the dependency on non-renewable sources would be curtailed. I agree that natural gas can’t be banked upon for too long either as it too will run out.

  1. August 26th, 2010
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