Make Sure Your Tires are Fully Inflated

Pumping Low Tire
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One of the most overlooked items to ensuring that your car is running at it’s peak gas mileage are fully inflated car tires.  Tires can be inflated at levels lower than you would ever want to be without any noticeable difference to a fully inflated one.

Make sure to use a tire pressure gauge on a regular basis.  If you do not own a tire gauge, they are fairly inexpensive, even for digital ones.  Otherwise, you can always stop by your local gas station, though they can sometimes not be properly calibrated.  To find the recommended amount of pressure, check on the sticker in the driver’s side door jam.  It will show you the proper amount of pressure in psi for each of your tires.  Do not use the maximum amount of pressure shown on your tires, as that may be way more than your car requires.

The major incentive to keeping your tires inflated is maintaining your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.  For each 1 psi drop in pressure on all of your tires, there is 0.3 percent decrease in gas mileage on your car.  You can potentially ensure that you are not losing up to 3.3% of your total gas mileage, which equates to about $.07 a gallon.  Not too bad for such a simple maintenance measure.

Your safety can also be at risk when your tire levels are low.  You increase your risk of having a car accident, the life of your tires is shortened and there is a decrease in road grip.  Make sure those tires are always fully inflated so that you are reducing your car’s’ maintenance costs as well as increasing your safety while driving.

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  1. This is essential. I can literally see my petrol guage flying down when my tires are low.

    Another great tip is to always drive with the windows closed- weather permitting of course!

  2. That’s true. Sometimes the tires may look fine but they can be 5 psi under pressure or even more so it’s a good idea to check every time you get an oil change or fill up the tank.

  3. The thing I like about PTLG is the small, easy pieces of advice that everyone can do to live more green. You don’t have to go out and buy solar panels to live greener.

    That said, having air pressure in your tires is definitely something that’s overlooked. Not only in cars, but in bikes too! I know it doesn’t have an effect on the environment, but maybe with the extra time you save having properly inflated bike tires, you can inflate your car tires ;)


  4. Great advice! Personally in my opinion, if you drive long enough.. and are really in tune with your car you will definitely feel the difference on the highway with higher tire temps. A great way to test it… is this… get on your Bicycle and ride with lower tire pressure, and then go on your Bicycle with higher tire pressures, you will definitely feel the difference, especially on Newer pavement. You will find that the higher and properly inflated tires feels so much better!

    Till then,


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