Nationwide Salmonella Outbreak For Eggs

Major egg producer Hillandale Farms is associated with an outbreak of salmonella in millions of eggs covering 14 states.  This is the third recall that has occurred in just under two weeks and really shows the sad state of the egg industry in our country.  Almost a half billion eggs and thousands of cases of salmonella can be associated with the eggs coming from these recalls.

Farms like Hillandale follow the same practices, having way too many chickens stuff in small cages with little movement and unsanitary conditions.  Is anybody really surprise that this happened and with so many eggs?  What’s even worse is that the FDA set new rules to prevent many salmonella cases every year due to eggs.  We see how effective that particular regulation was.

What to do?

Salmonella can be prevented by making sure to fully cook your eggs.  It’s pretty simple, but the bacteria shouldn’t even be in the eggs in the first place.

An even better solution is to fight against these horrible big egg producers and start buying local and free-range. Only good eggs are going to be produced when you see the chickens running around the farm, fed and treated well.  On top of that, you will be getting eggs that taste better and are fresher than any of those sold in any traditional grocery store.   The key is if you can actually go to the farm and see the conditions, then you know how the chickens are treated.  It’s difficult to do that unless you live nearby the actual farm.

The reason I mention local is that even eggs that claim “Organic”, “Free Range” or “Cruelty Free” are still not even close.  They allow the hens to be bunched up inside with very little space.  They often can be just as inhumane.  Read this interesting article from The Vegetarian Site that goes into further detail.

Consider making a change as it could be putting our families at risk just to save a a few bucks on cheaper eggs.

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  1. Thats why I do not eat egs also, they don’t taste good for me and I do not want to get salmonella :P

  2. When do we see progress?

  3. I’m fortunate to have a poultry farm nearby where I get my eggs from. Nothing like the taste of fresh eggs, that’s for sure.

    • Kathy
    • November 8th, 2010

    I solved the problem for myself. I built a coop & run in my backyard and have four young pullets that will be laying in a couple of months. They are fun to care for, as well… they always love to see me because they know I’m the one who brings them good things to eat. I treat them like pets, and will keep them for the duration of their lives, even when they get too old to lay reliably.

  1. August 23rd, 2010

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