Nissan Leaf Polar Bear Commercial

I recently saw a new commercial for the Nissan Leaf electric car that is expected to be released in the coming months.  The commercial involves a polar bear leaving the Arctic to give a man who has a Leaf a hug.  Take a look:

I found this video to be interesting and a metaphor for things to come.  The mascot of global warming, the polar bear, is giving an electric car owner a hug for switching to a more environmentally friendly option.

Though electricity is still largely generated through coal, I think the video is trying to make a point that this car is the first step in right direction.   We can begin rid our country from depending so much on oil and start plans on doing the same with coal.

What are your thoughts on the video?

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  1. The video is cool but my opinion on electric cars stops with your point on coal.

    To replace oil with electricity generated by coal isn’t a long term solution. A step in the right direction yes but definitely not enough.

    Hopefully we can move far enough in the right direction quickly enough so that the polar bears are still around to give hugs :)

  2. When watching that video, without reading the spoilers I was wondering where it was going, then was really thrilled at the end of it! At first I was like… uh oh how is he gonna react… how is this polar bear actually gonna hug the guy? But yeah, definitely a sweet commercial. They just need to condense it and start airing it on TV! By the way that Nissan Leaf doesn’t look that bad at all!

    Till then,


  3. The Nissan Leaf is a sign of the direction cars are taking. As an environmentalist I am thrilled to see that manufacturers are becoming more eco-conscious, but as a car enthusiast it makes me sad to think that everyone will be driving around tiny and colorful boxes in the next 10 years. Real super cars will fetch a premium. Cool commercial though.

  4. That is exactly what I thought too. The polar bear is pretty much the focal point of the ill effects of global warming every time is talked about so the advertisement has really hit the nail on the head.

  5. The video is cool but my opinion on electric cars stops with your point on coal.

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