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What’s one of the main catches of electric vehicles? Charging up. It’s one of the major barriers to people buying electric cars. What if I forget to charge my car? What if I run out of charge and am stuck somewhere?

Well the solution to one of those questions is on the horizon. A Company called Evatran is focused on what they have termed “Plugless Power“. They have developed a sensor system for EV users to install in their garage. Instead of remembering to plug in your car at night, just park it over this power station. Without any cords or hook-ups, the car gets charged and you can rest easy.

This invention has incredible potential and a few drawbacks.

First, the bad news

It isn’t as efficient as plugging in your EV (well, less than 10% efficiency is lost). For the dark green eco-enthusiasts out there, that means it uses more energy than it needs to to charge the car. Since the majority of our energy mix comes from non-renewable sources like fossil fuels or nuclear power, this isn’t great news. But as the company points out, this provides a solid reminder that emissions and energy use isn’t a one-sided transportation problem.

Now, the good news

If this technology takes off, it will be an incredible tool to implement in cities, parking garages, and metered parking. As EVs gain more traction, these types of solutions are becoming increasingly critical for its global survival and spread. They also help us get over the inconvenience of plugging in the car (although some may argue we are already conditioned to filling up our gas tanks…so what’s the big difference?).

Is EVs future as gloomy as its past?

No, but it is ominous. When the EVs of this century (yes the first cars were electric) came out they were celebrated as a huge leap in the transportation sector. Inventors competed to have the most efficient vehicle, and hope was abundant. Then something sad happened. The patent was purchased by an automobile company and they decided to silence the debate. The information was now private and would not be acted upon. There was a brief glip where EVs tried to take off in California, but through the oil and auto industries interests and some interesting legislation, they flopped. (Watch Who Killed the Electric Car for a somewhat comical review of the happenings)

Now, as we have grown more aware of climate change and the intricate ties our environmental health has to our societal health, EVs are making a comeback. But it isn’t without its own hurdles. First, since climate change and the hazardous compounds that burning fossil fuels emit have been common knowledge for a decent amount of time, the competitive landscape has changed. There is now competition over “what technology” will win the race. Will it be the EV? Or will we take hydrogen technology to the max. Perhaps we will give ethanol another go. This conundrum is one of the reasons many automakers have failed to invest in new technologies (although not the only reason). What if they build out the machinery for hydrogen vehicles only to find that no one will support hydrogen fueling stations?

The electric car isn’t a particularly new idea, nor is it foreign. Unfortunately, with so many years under our car-driving belt devoted to gasoline vehicles its hard for us to imagine any shifts in this marketplace. Due to rising gas prices, increased environmental awareness, and government incentives, hybrids were able to succeed. But the water is still lukewarm for EVs and their competitors.

One thing we do know, is that this product will revolutionize the attractiveness of EVs as a long-term solution. To learn more about this invention visit Plugless Power.

Photo Credit: Plugless Power

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  1. Good to see more innovations being made to make this concept succeed. Certainly, there will be obstacles to overcome but eventually, we should see productive solutions that outweigh most of the problems.

  2. I think this invention is a great alternative to plugging in an electric car. It’s a shame that it is 10% less efficient, but I think most people would sacrifice that efficiency for the convenience. It just like people who leave all of their appliances plugged in for convenience sake.

  3. While electric cars do seem like a great solution, just don’t forget that the electricity used to charge them almost always comes from some method that adds pollution. So really it is not an ideal solution. Perhaps it would be better if all new cars were at least hybrid with some extra energy source such as a solar panel.

  4. I agree as above, electric really is not an ideal solution either, relying on a natural resource as well, but this invention I simply do not agree with. Why is it that as a nation, we are so lazy that the easiest way is the best. I really don’t believe that plugging in is so difficult, kind of like having to fill up with gas. To lose 10% efficiency, it really defeats the purpose. And to the best of my knowledge, most of these vehicles come with a back up power source already.

  5. Plugless Power !! that seems to be a new invention !!

  6. Good to see more innovations being made to make this concept succeed. ;))

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