Scrappy is Sexy: Something for Him on Valentine’s Day

Junk Drawers

Come Valentine’s Day there is a surplus of things for “her” but what about the men? Enter Junk Drawers. These playfully re-purposed briefs make romantic nights and the everyday a unique experience. A Minnesotan entrepreneur, Haley, founded Junk Drawers about two years ago and sells her goods on Etsy as well as at various festivals throughout the year. In her own words

“We take this fabric from its certain death
in a landfill and make clothes out of it.”

To put this into perspective, the apparel manufacturing industry discards a large amount of fabric, but small companies like Junk Drawers pick up the scraps and create value-added upcycled goods. The underwear is made of remnant scraps and commercial cuts discarded by apparel manufacturers as well as vintage fabrics. Each pair of undies is unique, due to the variety of fabrics available and their creative eye. Handmade in the US, you can support their small business and give him something that is truly one of a kind.

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  1. That’s a very unique gift, in every sense of the word. :-) Glad to see waste cloth being put to good use like this.

    Till then,


  2. It’s great that some companies that the initiative like this. It would be a shame for all of that scrap fabric to end up in landfills. Good find!

  3. Yes, I love these! Women can wear them too if they are your style. I love the uniqueness of each piece and the local and small business nature of the company.

  4. That’s a very unique gift :D

  5. It’s definitely a “Wow” gift! Creative and unique.

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