Solar Power to Go Down in Price?

The solar company 1366 Technologies has finally received enough funds to bring their process of producing solar wafers at a fraction of their current cost into production. The Direct Wafer manufacturing process in which they developed could help bring the cost of producing solar panels by almost 80%.

The current process of producing solar wafers contains several steps. Not only is this a lengthy process, but a good portion of the original silicon is often wasted during the process. Both factors contribute to the higher cost. The Direct Wafer on the other hand avoids all these steps and converts silicon directly into the wafers. A wafer can then be produced in as little as seconds.

The plan is to start making silicon wafers in 2012, start selling them to a major Chinese solar manufacturer. They could then make their way to the US approximately a year after that.

Let’s hear Frank van Mierlo, CEO of 1366 technologies explain this process.

This sounds like a really promising process that could help bring the cost down so that using solar energy can compete with cheaper sources of energy.

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  1. This is very important news for the environment. Solar power has long been a source of power with huge potential. The high costs of solar cells was the one thing limiting their usage. Now hopefully solar cells will start showing up everywhere.

  2. Solar energy seemed like such a huge deal back in the 80s. It seemed to be the energy source of the future. It never really took off like it should’ve though. The high cost was likely the major obstacle.

  3. It sure would be nice to see solar power be more affordable. And I think it will be the more petroleum is used up. We will find new ways to utilize solar power that we can’t even dream of now, I bet. Atleast we can be confident it won’t run out.

  4. Frank is really good, he convinced me on it! Great to see him leading the company.


  5. The current price of solar panels is prohibitive. Some time back, i did make an effort to install a few solar panels at home but, the price for a complete solution was astronomical.

    I just hope the that this new technology can make its way to the stores soon.

    • CY9160
    • March 10th, 2011

    This is a great idea, it just would be nice if they could manufacture in America. If America is going to make a come back economically it must first start manufacturing more here, as it did in WWII.

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