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Tesla Motors is the first automaker in America and Europe to manufacture highway-capable electric vehicles. The company is based out of Silicon Valley and is focused on manufacturing electric vehicles. Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning originally founded the company in 2003 and named the company after famous inventor and physicist Nikola Tesla. Tesla’s goal in producing their cars is to make electric automobiles a viable alternative.  None of their models do not sacrifice quality or style and still maintain high performance.  The first of their stores opened in April 2008 in Los Angelos, California and their currently have support centers in several states across the nation.  They plan to build more in the coming years.  They are expanding as we speak as they plan to have stores in every major city across America within the next few years.

Tesla Roadster


The Roadster is the first of Tesla Motors vehicles that was first unveiled to the public in April of 2006.  It uses a lithium-ion battery pack that allows it to get up to 227 miles per charge.  This sports car is extremely fast as it can go from 0-60 in about 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 125 miles per hour.  They have a new Sports model that lowers that number to abou 3.7 seconds.   Tesla Motors originally brought in Lotus Cars to help them design the body on the car, if you can’t tell from how it looks.  Their vehicles are currently manufactured by Lotus in their England factory with a few parts shared from Lotus models, but many  shipped in from California.  This car is actually one of the least expensive cars with any entirely carbon fiber body.  This allows for minimal weight while still maintaining a strong body.

The lithium ion battery packs in the Roadster maintain good driving performance for up to 5 years or 100,000 miles.  Tesla will recycle the battery for you once it’s reached the end of it’s life.  In 2007, it was estimated to cost about $20,000 to replace the battery system, but should have gone down since then.  In the next 5 years, the technology will most likely be dramatically better and at a cheaper cost.  The space if fairly limited in these cars and only can fit 2 people and approximately a golf bag in the trunk.  Over 250 Roadsters have already been delivered and are becoming more and more popular.  The currently list price on one of these cars is $109,000

Tesla’s electric vehicles are the first production ready and have already gotten great reviews.  Let’s hope this company makes a huge impact by getting large car manufacturers to start developing electric cars that get more than 50 miles per charge.  Maybe one day we will see charge stations all around the nation…

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