The Bed Bug Epidemic

Bed bugs have been a hot topic recently.  They are no longer only in our beds or hotels, but now being found in the workplace, movie theaters and even in schools. With their resurgence, people are taking desperate measures by beginning to use dangerous chemicals to get rid of them as they did many years ago. There are other safer and more natural solutions that can help us fight against these pesky little bugs.

Bed Bugs

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Though bed bugs do not carry disease and only cause skin irritation, they are still a pest that you don’t want in your home.  Once bed bugs infiltrate your home, fighting against them can be extremely difficult.  By taking a few measures, you can avoid getting them in the first place.


By making sure that you bedding materials are cleaned on a regular basis can help prevent these creatures from making your bed their home.  If you leave sheets on your bed for weeks without cleaning, it can be a breeding ground for these creatures.

Second Hand Items

I have mentioned several times about buying items from consignment shops to save a little money and get more use out of a perfectly good item.  When buying items, especially furniture, do a quick inspection on the items to make sure they are free of bed bugs.  If there are signs of an infestation, you may want to avoid the item or make sure it is free of bed bugs before bringing it into your home.

Keep Items Off of Bed

Whenever you go anywhere, avoid just throwing your clothes on the bed.  If you clothes have bed bugs on them, it will make it easy for them to make their way onto your bed.  Hang clothes that you plan to wear again and just avoid getting them in contact with your bed.


Make sure to be extremely careful when traveling that you don’t bring them back into your home.  Keep all of your items off of the floor and properly inspecting your bed before sleeping.  If you do think that you may been in contact, throw all of your clothes right into the washer and inspect all items you bring back into your home.  Also, try doing a quick Google search before picking a hotel to see if the hotel has a recurring problem of bed bugs.

Foam Bedding

One way that some have thrown out there is to get natural latex bedding.  They say that latex and other foam beddings are too dense for bed bugs to live, making it resistant to these bugs.  Though bed bugs can still survive, it’s not as habitable as traditional mattresses.

Natural Pest Control

No matter how much we try, beg bugs still make their way into our homes.  The normal reaction is to call the local pest control guy and have them exterminated with chemicals.  The problem with fighting them in this manner is that bed bugs have built an immunity to many of the chemicals we are using to get rid of them.  And on top of that, do you really want to expose your family to dangerous chemicals?

The most popular method mentioned that can help eliminate bed bugs is to use extreme temperatures.  Bed bugs cannot survive in extreme cold or hot conditions.  A common way mentioned is to use a high pressure steam cleaner to clean the infected areas.  The best way is to contact local pest control experts and find out if they provide chemical-free solutions similar to companies like ThermaPureHeat.

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    • Lauralee Hensley
    • October 6th, 2010

    If you think they’ve gotten into your carpets you can vaccum your carpets well, then sprinkle common household iodine free salt all over the carpeting. Leave on the carpet for a couple of hours, then come back in and vaccum up all the salt. You can sprinkle tops of box springs and mattresses with the iodine free salt too, the finer the salt the better, so Kosher is probably not the best for this. The salt burns the bed bugs, flees, ticks, ants little bodies and they either die off or high tail it out of the place.

    • Lauralee Hensley
    • October 6th, 2010

    Oh, as far as stuffed animals if you think they have them. Vaccum them, then put them in a zip lock bag that can hold them. Stick them in the freezer for about 72 hours and the bugs will be dead. Just revaccum them after freezing to get off any little dead bodies that you might not see.

      • Pays to Live Green
      • October 7th, 2010

      Thanks for the great suggestions Lauralee. I hadn’t seen anything about the salt, but makes complete since.

  1. That’s pretty surprising that bed bugs are reaching that far and expanding. I’ve always made sure to take a shower before I go to bed that way I am my cleanliest, I treat the bed as a sacred place so to speak, and yup I always make sure to change my bedsheets every week!

    Till then,


    • Jean that seems a bit excessive. I would only take such precautions if I were directly exposed to bugs or other filth. Changing bedsheets every week would add up to a lot of unnecessary laundry.

  2. Do you ever know, how bed bugs come to know that some one is out there on the bed and they come out for the feast. They smell our body. If we keep clean ourselves then we can reduce body irritation.

  3. Great tips from both PTLG and Lauralee, thanks. I’ve been paranoid about bedbugs from a young age when while waiting at a train station wearing shorts, my thighs were bitten by them. It itched and hurt so much I still remember it. From then on, I’ve been very watchful and wary of them everywhere I go.

  4. I admire those writers who share the best of their knowledge in writing such articles. Keep up the good work and continue inspiring readers.Thank you so much.

  5. Those are some excellent tips. After spiders, bed bugs creep me out the most.

  1. October 6th, 2010

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