The Benefits of Green IT

By switching over to Green IT solutions, companies are savings tons of money, reducing the amount of space need for servers and most importantly helping minimize their environmental impact.  Virtulization is a large part of that, but there are other solutions that businesses are implementing that helps green up their servers.

Many people get scared when people start talking overly technical, but Green IT doesn’t have to be  difficult to understand nor it’s benefits.  This video filmed by VMWare gives a great overview of some green IT solutions in plain English.

Many companies can implement many of the mentioned methods and save lots of money and reduce their environmental impact. The concept of reducing costs alone will entice any company into implementing these methods. Try proposing many of these ideas to your company, you might be surprised how receptive most companies are to changes like these.

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  1. I agree with this green IT project. I give my support.

  2. It really does pay to go green. The amount of money some of these companies can save are unbelievable. The technology and solutions for more eco friendly business grows every day. Great post!

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