The Same Dress for 365 Days…


A brilliant demonstration in social entrepreneurship and the fact that not all things need to be shiny and new came about through The Uniform Project. A female entrepreneur, Sheena Matheiken, decided to design a plain black dress to wear for 365 days in a row as a statement about eco-fashion, creativity, and to bring awareness to education. She designed a tunic-like dress that was reversible with a friend, made seven copies, and then made a blog and awareness campaign.

Goal: To wear the same dress for an entire calendar year.

Of course she spiced it up a bit with accessories and other pieces of clothing, but all of it was recycled, donated, or reused. Her goal was to raise money and awareness. Awareness around sustainable living, the uniqueness that a Uniform can encompass, and to support the Akanksha Foundation. This foundation is a grassroots movement that is changing education throughout India, and the money will specifically go toward funding uniforms and education expenses for children living in the slums of India.

She has fundraised over $103,000, in large part toward EBay matching all money donated during the holiday season. This is equivalent to the cost of sending 287 Indian children to school every year. Donations are still being accepted. Now that’s what I call a positive impact!

Check out her “uniform” transformation:

Check out her blog to watch the video of all 365 and beyond and to learn more!

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  1. like everyone else has mentioned, i also like the fact that she is doing this for a good cause and not just for her own curiosity. props for her. but honestly, i don’t think i could last the whole 365 days. i know i could last for a couple months…maybe three or four…but after that, i think i would run out of ideas. i’m one of those people that tend to get tired of something really quick and when doing this challenge, i probably would get tired of it and find no inspiration or motivation to even think of a new way to accessorize it. but if i was doing it for a good cause like she was, i wouldn’t give up and i would find a way to do it. so in a way, i believe that i could if i was truley doing it for a good cause (and had a lot of people supporting me to help keep my motivation and spirits up) but if i was just doing it to see if i could do it, theres no way i’d survive the whole twelve months.

  2. I am not a fashion geek but this is really amazing.To wear the same dress the whole year round and spicing it up is not an easy work. The intention is very noble and inspiring. Maybe this where other fashion designers get the idea of creating dresses that can be worn in many different ways.b I really salute you.

  3. She is absolutely brilliant, I hope that a design artist or someone picks her up and gives her an awesome job, because by the looks of it she has alot of talent when it comes to fashion! I wish the video would go slower threw the dresses, seemed to go way too fast to really enjoy it, hehe.

    Till then,


    • Jenn
    • July 9th, 2010

    This is an awesome idea and a wonderful cause. Absolutely LOVE what she is doing. Great article!

  4. Glad everyone liked it!

    She also has a book out with her dresses and designs in it and the template to make the dress yourself (sorry Ville!) is available as well. It really is incredible that she did this for over a year!

    Cheers to upcycling and creativity.

  5. Brilliant idea.But somehow funny also.

  6. Save cost and green-friendly, yet beautiful!

  7. Great Idea! hehehe I love the fact that it’s green friendly, but the design is still IN

  1. July 8th, 2010

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