Trip Planning Saves Gas, Time, and Money


With thousands of gallons of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico on a daily basis, I’ve really started to consider the amount of gasoline that I consume every year.  I’m a New Yorker, so I use my legs and public transportation to get around during the week.  But I am also very guilty of frequently renting cars for long road trips to escape the city.

Road Trip

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A great way of avoiding a hefty gasoline bill is to utilize alternative methods of transportation such as regional rail or bus systems for weekend vacations.  But when these alternatives are not available and a car is the only viable option, then consider extensive trip planning as a way to cut down on gas consumption and save time and money.

Common sense dictates that the shortest distance between two points will generally cost less, take less time, and use less gas.  So, plot out your trip in detail ahead of time if possible.  Print out a good roadmap before you leave so that you minimize the chances of getting lost.  If you think you might stop off at a particular store on your trip, then check out that store’s website for locations and then run the addresses through Google Maps or Mapquest to find the closest one to your route.  And, if a stop along your way offers public transportation options, consider using them.  Not only can these options sometimes save money, they can be great ways of experiencing a new city!

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  1. Hi Alexandra

    Aren’t there GPS where you are from? :-)

    you should try and leave in Johannesburg….no functional public transport whatsoever

  2. As the time for school holidays begins, many people will have some trips together with their families, relatives or friends. It is good if we can plan for our holidays’ trips at least one year behind. By doing this, we can save many things.

  3. It’s been a while since I’ve last left a comment here, so its a good time to return! Planning ahead for a trip definitely helps, but also watching how you press that throttle and brake also can help with the gas mileage! I always try to put a conscious effort in the way I hit the throttle and brake when I am in fuel save mode, whenever I have to slow down, I try to let the car coast as much as I can, to avoid having to hit the throttle :)

    Till then,


  4. I agree that trip planning can help a lot. When you’re circling around blocks trying to figure out where something is, you’re just wasting time and money. Plus you’re polluting extra. I wouldn’t say it’s always to shortest distance to something that is the quickest and best route. Sometimes high traffic areas can slow you down and make you pollute more. When doing your trip planning, take advantage of street view mode on Google Maps. That way you can visualize exactly what you’re looking for before you get there.

  5. Bookmarked your blog for future reference

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