Unplugging Your Electronics With Power Strip

One of the most wasteful things in our home is to leave electronic devices plugged in while they are not in use.  Commonly referred to as Vampire Power, this type of waste increases so many people’s electric bills unnecessarily.  Unplugging each individual electronic device can be tedious and make it difficult to remember that all of your electronic devices are unplugged.

Using a simple power strip for your most popular electronic devices can make the task much less painful.  All you have to do is switch off the power on the strip and each device is as good as unplugged.  There are even power strips like the Smart Strip that even will automatically stop the current from going to electronics when they are turned off.   By making the small investment, you can probably recoup the cost within a few months of use.

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  1. Awesome gadget. I was actually wondering if something like this existed. We just moved and I was setting up all of our of electronics with vampire power in mind. I ended up putting all video games on its own power bar that gets switched off after use. I’ve also been trying to leave other appliances unplugged.

  2. I had not heard of the term Vampire Power before, but it is very apt. This really is a big problem with electronics as even when off, many of them use power. I know sound systems are particularly bad for this.

    I have gotten into the habit of unplugging most electronics that I don’t use regularly. Might be neat to check into the smart power strips and see how well they can accurately detect a shut off system. Many newer power-strips also have plugs that are always on, even if you turn the strip off, so you can often achieve something similar, although you have to do it manually.

    • jack
    • July 23rd, 2010

    what a great way to go green
    I found the eco strip at http://www.greenhome.com
    It work so good and its so cheap … check it out.

  3. Yea, not many people know that if you keep a gadget or appliance plugged in, especially those that are on standby for remote access, keep consuming power. I bet a tenth of most houses power bills consist of this only.

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