Updates to the kWh Energy Calculator

I made some major modifications to the energy calculator and just wanted to update you on some of those changes. The calculator can now be found in the right sidebar under the Tools heading.

Fixed Bugs

I fixed various bugs that were causing certain functionality of the calculator to not work. These are now fixed.

Common Appliance Energy Use

I added in a Tree of common energy uses for various appliances throughout your household. Just click on the appliances that are highlighted for the energy use of each item. I will be updated this tree with more values as I come across them.

State Energy Cost

I included a list of all States and their corresponding kWh cost. The calculator will automatically fill the appropriate cost when you select your state.

If you find any errors or bugs in the calculator, please contact me or just leave a comment. Hopefully you enjoy the calculator and I will continue to add more functionality and easier to use. I will also be adding additional calculators and tools to help you live a greener lifestyle as well as save money.

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  1. Very useful calculator! Glad that you’ve updated it as its something we should all be thinking about and using in order to cut back on wasted energy.

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