Watching Your Energy Use With P3 Kill A Watt

P3 International 4400 Kill A Watt

I found a really cool little gadget that can help save you money on your next electric bill. The device is the P3 International P4400 Kill A Watt. It’s fairly inexpensive at just over $20. This device is extremely powerful and can prevent you from having to search for the watts a device uses to determine how much energy it uses.

The Kill A Watt works by simply plugging a device into it and plug it into the wall. It will monitor Volts, Amps, Watts, Hz and VA. The most important part of this device is that it measures the watts and kWh usage of the device plugged into it. kWh is the measure by which electric companies use to determine how much electricity you are using. By using this number, it allows you to easily calculate how much it costs to use the device plugged into the Kill A Watt. You could use my energy calculator or simply multiple the kWh number times the cost your energy company charges you per kWh.

I have not yet bought this item so I cannot attest to how this product actually works. But, if it works as it says, I can see this monitor being extremely useful. Not only could you measure a single device, but you could also put a power strip into it and get the energy use of a collection of devices, such as your computer and accessories or a home theater. I would like to buy one of these and will share any updates if I do buy one. If anyone currently owns this device, please share your thoughts about it.

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  1. I have one of these and it has helped cut back my energy use. For example, I found that a power strip with PS3,TV,DVD,and an audio receiver with all components turned OFF (which these days means in standby mode) was drawing 80 watts, 24 hrs/day. Just flipping the switch on the power strip should save about 60 kWh/month.

    Keep in mind it is not capable of measuring the big energy hogs (furnace, washer, dryer) because it is only rated for 120-V. I am still glad I bought it.

    • Ali
    • September 4th, 2008

    Thanks Steve for that comment. That is exactly the kind of use I can see for it. I can think of some components in my house that run all day every day and probably draw a lot more power than I think.

  2. Thanks Steve for you input on the Kill a Watt. It’s great to hear that you are saving a good amount of energy per month and probably cutting the cost of your electricity bill. I looked on the company website and it doesn’t show a model that can handle more than 120V. At least it can handle most smaller devices in the household.

  3. I’ve had one of these for the past 6 months, and it works great. From what I’ve read, it’s not entirely accurate, but it’s accurate enough IMO for consumer use.

    I’ve found far more than $20 worth of power leechers by purchasing this device.

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  4. Love these, but not only for what they do. Availability of these kinds of devices to consumers should pressure manufacturers to reduce the draw of their devices when they are not in use.

    Hopefully someone is posting some of the results of their measurements,

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