Water Faucet Saving Tips

Water from faucets is a major component of our daily water usage. It’s often common to hear about cutting back on your showers and using the clothes washer less often, but your faucet is an often overlooked way to really save money on our utility bills.

How much water do our faucets use?

Depending on the particular faucet model you own, it will depend on how much water it consumes. The current government set maximum water-use for both showerheads and faucets is 2.5 gallons per minute, but many are closer to 1 gallons per minute. We consume over 15% of our daily water usage, average approximately 11 gallons and get water from the tap 8 minutes out of the day as calculated by H2ouse.org. That’s a huge amount considering that we only have a few activities we do using the faucet. To determine how much water we really are using based off of this 11 gallon average per day using my Shower Calculator:

Faucet Water Use

Day Week Month Year Five Years
Water 11 77 330 4015 20075
Water Cost $0.02 $0.15 $0.66 $8.03 $40.15

How about the hidden costs?

The total cost of using water goes beyond just the actual water. Warm or hot water is required in many of our normal tap uses. Water heaters are a part of using water and can often be an overlooked aspect of the total cost of using so much water. To get an idea of how much it will cost to run, I once again will use my Shower Calculator:

Faucet Energy Use

Day Week Month Year Five Years
Energy(Gas) $0.03 $0.22 $0.93 $11.30 $56.49
Energy(Electric) $0.12 $0.83 $3.55 $43.24 $216.20

Ways to Save

There are some easy ways that you can cut back your water use from your faucet with little or no affect to your daily activities. Not only will you save on your utility bills every month. The savings may not be huge, but it can really add up in the long term.

  • Washing Hands: Next time you go to wash your hands, turn the water off while you are lathering your hands with soap. The same thing applies for when you are washing your face.
  • Brushing Your Teeth: Why keep the water on when you brush your teeth? There is just no need to keep the water running the entire time your are brushing your teeth.
  • Cleaning Dishes: Try filling one side of your sink with water and clean each dish without the faucet running. Wash off each dish after all are clean. Even if you only have one sink, you can always shut off the faucet while you are scrubbing each dish.
  • Aerators: Help reduce the amount of water you are using without having to give up water pressure.  They are really cheap usually at under $5 or you can even ask your local utility to see if they provide them for free.  For very little effort, you can really save on your utility bills.

If you have any other ways to save on faucet use, please share.

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  1. This is great information. My biggest concern is the little leaks from the faucet. Often times I ignore it, but I know in the long run, I can save some money by getting it fixed. Getting leaks fix should be in your post also.

  2. This was an eye opening post. You know my family and I try to do what we can to live “green” but you are correct. Often times the simple stuff are the things we overlook. I have to check out my faucet to see what I can do to improve it for the better!

  3. Great tips.

    How about also investiagting using the grey water to use on plants?

    Also when running the tap waiting for it to turn hot, save the water in a bowl. Great for then watering plants too.

  4. We have low-flow aerators on all of our faucets.

  5. I just researched faucet aerators for a post and found that some local water utilities will give residents low-flow aerators for free.

    • Pays to Live Green
    • March 24th, 2009

    Thanks Recycle Raccoon for bring that up. I will update my post with the idea of a low-flow aerators. That’s great to hear that they are also free from local utility companies.

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