When to Roll the Car Windows Up or Down

This is a question that I have heard quite often that confuses many people.  There are situations where you should keep your windows down and others when keeping them up and using the A/C is the best choice for getting better fuel efficiency.

Several factors that determine which is the better option are the speed at which you are driving and the age of the vehicle.  In terms of how fast you are driving, the general consensus seems to be that the faster you are driving, the better gas mileage your car will get with the windows up. Leaving your window down at high speeds can cause drag, which can reduce your fuel efficiency by up to 20%.  That a huge decrease by just leaving your windows down when driving on the highway.  See if you can go without using the A/C to prevent losing further gas mileage.  The opposite is true when driving stop and go at lower speeds.  It’s actually better to leave you windows down and turn off your A/C.  There is no point to leave the A/C running while your windows are down.

Though a small change, you can ensure you car is reaching it’s maximum level of gas mileage by knowing when to keep your windows up and down when driving.

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  1. I have always found this topic pretty interesting. Personally, I hardly ever use air conditioning in my vehicles, unless I have a passenger. I am hot natured to begin with and also do a great deal of city driving.

    I have a friend though that is the opposite and always uses the air conditioning, even when his windows are completely down…

  2. this is true when you are in a traffic jam is better to have the windows down but when you are in a highway the best option is to cross it with your windows up and in that way you will save a lot of fuel

  3. Hey man you have suggest very different and unique technique to increase the mileage. I will always keep it in my mind during the driving. Good job man.

  4. Good Tips to save a lot of fuel
    We should always keep it in our mind

  5. It is always a clever idea to drive while failing to utilize an AC. I usually maintain my car in a hot manner when driving it in a sunny weather.

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