Wind Turbines Designed for Your House

Household Wind Turbine
Photo by thingermejig.

Homeowners in the UK have the benefit of having custom micro wind generators built just for houses. Windsave is the company behind making micro wind turbines built specifically for each homeowner to maximize their energy benefit as well as the most cost effective solution. What makes Windsave’s solution so unique is that they use Solidworks CAD software to design wind turbines, thus reducing their carbon foot print while saving money.


Windsave was started in 2002 in Glasgow, Scotland to provide micro renewable energy solutions for individuals and businesses. They currently have the WindSave system that was developed to generate energy from small amounts of wind. These solutions can really help reduce a household’s need to tap into the electric grid by providing a portion from wind energy. They would like individuals and small businesses to take their energy needs into their own hands instead of continuing to rely on large energy companies.


If you are not already familiar with Computer aided Design or CAD software, it allows many professions to represent a 3 dimensional object into a 2 dimensional drawing. Architects and a variety of engineers rely heavily on CAD software to allow them to draft up drawings much more quickly than anything in the past. Solidworks is currently one of the more popular types of CAD software available on the market today. Windsave utilizes their software to be able to model their wind turbines in a timely manner to cut out a lot of cost, while saving time if a redesign is necessary. They have also been able to make their micro wind generator much more aerodynamic and efficient because of the CAD software tool at a fraction of the cost of using traditional methods.

It seems like there are more companies sprouting up in other countries to help consumers help lower their reliance from monopolizing energy companies and do so by using a renewable energy source like wind energy. Hopefully a company like Windsave starts up in America as it would allowing individuals to choose another renewable energy sources besides solar. Even though it will not solve all of our energy needs, it could move us in the right direction and maybe put some pressure on our greedy energy companies.

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  1. This device looks pretty neat, but the Jellyfish wind turbine looks like it could be revolutionary if it lives up to its promises. They are saying it will be able to just plug in to an electrical outlet and send its energy to the grid over your home wiring. I’m a little skeptic, but hopeful:

  2. In 2008, small wind turbine get a 65% growth. More than 2000 homes used the small wind turbines in the past 10 years. The governmnet also provide the financial supports and loan for the wind turbine users.

  3. We are the very proud owners of a wonderful green company in Georgia. We specialize in helping Atlanta families go green and sustain our world with green technology/renewable energy. We’ve partnered up with alot a industry trades to allow families to green at thier own pace and we even help with filiing the tax credit papers. Both my husband and I are eco-friendly to this world and we are so very proud to help out Atlantans and thier families.

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